Cuisine and the Culinary

 Art of Gustatory Perception

The Butler & Gordon

Bon Appetit

Specialists not only in international cuisine but also in national and regional dishes.
Our Chefs like to consult with the local specialists, producing the finest of produce
available, to grace the discerning tables of our Clients.
In order to achieve the very best results, the only ingredient of the highest standard and quality are chosen. But the end product, is of little taste or value, without the Expertise the Experience, the Creativity, the Imagination, the Passion and the Knowledge of cooking that we possess.
Our specially chosen Chefs have many years of experience at the highest level, perfecting the culinary arts. Working with only the best in the world of gastronomy, spending years gathering the necessary knowledge of combining the fine art of gustatory perception.
We set a  very high standard in the planning and the presentation of each dish. Every last detail is of the utmost importance to us, so we strive to create gastronomic treats to thrill all.
Our superlative wines are expertly chosen to complement
the most exquisite gourmet delights imaginable.
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us,
or call Christopher direct.

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The Butler & Gordon

The Ultimate in Fine Cuisine & Private Butler Services

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