This year is the 51st Anniversary of 

The World Economic Forum Switzerland

Planning on attending The World Economic Forum in Bürgenstock-Luzern,

The Butler & Gordon can help you plan your agenda


First and foremost Discretion & Privacy is Guaranteed


Diamond Limousine Service

The Butler & Gordon

The Luxury Limousine Service of

The Butler & Gordon

Just some of the fleet of vehicles we have to offer.

With The Butler & Gordon

TIME is on your side.

Private Security Services
The Butler & Gordon recommend the DELTA Group, for private and high profile needs. All inquiries contact first The Butler & Gordon

to insure security status

The Butler & Gordon
Diamond Limousine Service
First and foremost, Discretion and Privacy is Guaranteed
Each and all of our clients is handled according to their requirements and wishes.
We can arrange the necessary transport and Private Chauffeur to meet your needs.
We have a vast range of specialist vehicles, all of our automobiles are of the latest models
All our Chauffeurs are professionally trained Drivers. We coach all your personnel in the art of intermediary communications
Your inquiries will be handled in the strictest of confidence
Whatever your needs The Butler & Gordon will do all in their power to fulfil your requirements.
We love to say YES.

  • We specialise in providing the highest standard of hospitality services.
  • We arrange Airport pick upon arrival and departure. (Diplomat and VIP status)
  • Transport of all luggage.
  • All our chauffeurs are fully trained drivers and are educated in the Art of Diplomacy. 
  • Our drivers are monitored at all times from a command centre, allowing us to have immediate contact to driver and vehicle.
  • When requiring more than one vehicle a team leader will be appointed to the delegation, and ensure all communications and the daily agenda is fully understood and carried out at ease.
  • All our drivers are bound by a confidentiality contract.
  • We can provide security services when requested.
  • Private Helicopter Transfer (available on request).Private Jet (available on request).

The World Economic Forum

Annual Meeting

May 18th to 21st 2021 in

Bürgenstock-Luzern Switzerland 

The Butler & Gordon


Service Provider


The Ultimate in Luxury Hospitality Services

The Butler & Gordon

Will always take into account the needs and requirements of the

Client before appointing the appropriate Chauffeur to the assignment.

The World-renowned Mercedes Benz S.Class with a Luxury interior

Arrive in Style in a TESLA S with ZIRO EMISSIONS


The Elegant Mercedes Benz E.Class


The interior of the Beautiful Sienna imported model from the USA with drop down Video screen and a Luxury reclining seats lots of leg-room


Private Jet or Helicopter
The Butler & Gordon can arrange
your Air transfer to and from your required location. For more information contact

The Butler & Gordon

The interior of the Mercedes Benz V.Class

The luxury version available on request

Here are just some of the range of cars we can offer.

We can tailor match your driver and vehicle to fit your requirements.
Private Limousine Services is just one of the many services

The Burler & Gordon provide.

Private Helicopter and Aircrew

If you are needing a fast Transfer,


The Butler & Gordon 

For Reservation or information on our Limousine or Helicopter services contact Christopher directly

 It is a PRIVILEGE to be able to give to others, one often hears PRIVILEGE is for the few, so don’t be one of the few be one of the many and GIVE MORE to others

For a personal constalation Contact

Christopher directly

Tel:0041 (0)52 763 37 86: Mobil: 0041(0) 079 544 33 05


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