This year is the 51st World Economic Forum 

The World Economic Forum


August 17th to 20th 2021

Planning on attending The World Economic Forum, 2021 

The Butler & Gordon can help organize your agenda
Leaving you TIME to get on with your business, we take care of all those other things.


This year The World Economic Forum will take place in 

the magical  city of Singapore 

From August 17th to 20th 2021

We will keep you updated. Subscribe to our News column for up to date News.  

Appropriate Accommodation

to suit your requirements


Singapore  Chalet & Apartments

Luzern /Klosters / DAVOS 

Chalets & Apartments

DAVOS / Wiesen

Chalet & Studio 

Chalets & Apartments for The World Economic Forum 

For information on availability contact Christopher directly

Apartments & Chalets

Accommodation in and around


W e have suitable Events Locations and can cater to all the necessary

requirements from, Finger Foods to a full Dinner Service, even a Decorative Teamed Event.

Limousine Service We have vehicle transport tariffs to match your BUDGET requirements, from a Private Chauffeur Driven Limousine to Luggage transport. Airport pick-up or required location.

Specialist Driver (Private security).

All of our Chauffeurs are professionally trained Drivers. We coach all our personnel in the art of intermediary communications


Each and all of our clients are handled according to their requirements and wishes.

All your enquiries will be handler in the strictest of confidence.
For more information please contact Christopher directly.

Appropriate Accommodation to suit your requirements

from a Luxury Private Chalet to a Self-contained Apartment

If required we have households with self-catering. If need your Accommodation can be prepared with the everyday necessities.

Even the daily shopping, giving you the time to get on with your business.

Laundry service

Preparation of meetings (Hospitality services)

Even a private Events Party. The Team of  The Butler & Gordon

can make it possible.
Most of our locations are within easy access of the Congress Centre in Davos with all the necessary amenities you will require.



The World Economic Forum in and around Luzern

In order to establish the correct  property to fit your needs

Please contact Christopher directly.


Feel free to telephone


T. 0041 (0) 52 763 37 86

M. 0041 (0) 79 544 33 05

E. thebutler@bluewin.ch

Every Corporate enterprise has their priorities and needs, we set our priorities around your needs.

For a personal consultation contact Christopher Gordon directly

 It is a PRIVILEGE to be able to give to others, one often hears PRIVILEGE is for the few, so don’t be one of the few be one of the many and GIVE MORE to others


For a personal constalation Contact

Christopher directly

     Tel:  0041 (0)  52 763 37 86        

Mobil: 0041(0) 79 544 33 05

Email: thebutler@bluewin.ch    www.thebutlergordon.com    www.weddingsbutler.com    www.wefchaler.com      www.butlerandgordon.com 


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